Access Control Can Solve Your Business Issues

June 21st, 2019

If you own and operate your own business you have many decisions to make about how you allocate resources. One of the decisions you should consider is how you want to invest in security for your business.

While a security system doesn’t directly impact your performance and profit the same way employees, or equipment for them would, it’s still an important investment. Security cameras are a great addition for crime prevention, but access control can help your business in ways you might not have predicted. Here are a few ways that good access control can solve your business problems.

Deal With High Turnover Cost-Effectively

Some businesses, such as fast food restaurants or other retail outlets, may have a high employee turnover rate. While there is a certain cost of finding new employees, one that can quickly run up the bills is changing locks. If employees fail to surrender keys, especially if they leave on bad terms, then there is always a danger they will use that key to regain entry into the workplace. Only a costly changing of locks, and issuing new keys to employees can solve this with a traditional lock system.

With modern access control, such as keycards, numeric codes, or biometrics, the individual card or code can be revoked. This means that even if an employee holds onto a keycard, it will no longer be recognized. Best of all, you don’t have to change the locks, and you don’t have to fabricate new keys for existing employees.

Staff & Residential Safety

Access control can be very important if your business involves dealing with a lot of vulnerable clients or customers, such as a senior residence, or even a daycare. In situations like this, there may be certain parts of the building that unauthorized personnel should not get access to, such as a room with important medicines and drugs.

Access control means that places that require added safety, such as where the children play, or the bedroom wing of a senior residence, can only be entered by appropriate staff. It’s an extra bit of peace of mind when your business also involves ensuring the safety of others.

Accurate Tracking

An access control system aside for preventing unauthorized entry also keeps tracks of authorized entry. This means that in some ways, it can even act as a replacement for the old “punch card” systems that employers used to implement to keep track of employees arriving and starting work on time.

In a broader sense, however, it also lets you know who may still be in a building during an emergency, or during an emergency grant or restrict access to doors. An evacuation can go by faster if centralized access control opens all the doors. Conversely, in a shooter situation, centralized access control can also lock down areas, preventing a free range of movement for assailants. Combined with a security camera system, this can be very effective in a crisis.

If you want more effective security for your business in let us help. Contact us, and we can find out exactly what your business needs, and what security systems offer solutions.