Access Control Protects Your Business

November 1st, 2018

No matter what kind of business you run in New Orleans, LA, one thing you are going to have is doors. Another thing you are going to have is areas where you and your employees are authorized to go, but the general public isn’t. This is where a security measure known as access control can increase the level of safety and control you have in your building. But how?

Access control is a security concept and technology where doors, and other means of access, are integrated with security measures beyond just a lock with a keyhole. By modernizing the way access to areas works, new measures, such as key cards, fingerprints, retinal scans or keypads with specific access codes are required to gain entry to certain areas. This can increase your security situation in your New Orleans, LA business in a number of significant ways.

Employee Safety

Now that there are certain areas of the building that only employees can gain entry to, this not only provides more security, but it can also boost employee morale. “Safe spaces” like this contribute just as much to employee safety as they do to theft prevention.

Easier Auditing

Another thing that access control facilitates is better tracking of activity in a building. With individual key cards, fingerprints, or numerical codes, and control pads that track each usage, accurate door usage is easy. You now know what time a door was accessed, and who it was that did the accessing.

Efficient Loss Contingencies

When a traditional key is lost for a lock, the only smart precaution is to undertake the expense of changing the lock itself to accept a new key and creating new keys to hand out to employees. This is all costly, but necessary to ensure no one unauthorized who finds the old key can use it to access a door. With access control, if a key card is lost, that card can simply be removed from authorized access, or key codes for a specific individual can be disabled. There’s no need to absorb the cost of a complete lock removal and replacement.

Time Restrictions

For people with businesses that work day and night shifts, it’s even possible for access control systems to differentiate between these two time periods. Employee access can be authorized based on time so that a day-shift employee cannot enter the building at two in the morning when there’s no expected work shift. This can ensure that only employees that are supposed to be in the building at a given time actually are.

Reduced Theft

Because of the way that access control tracks and fine-tunes who has access to certain areas of a building, theft is reduced. This is partly because unauthorized personnel can’t gain entry to valuable areas, like storerooms, but also because employees can no longer steal so easily either.

There is always going to be a need to look into ways of minimizing loss prevention in a business. Access control is one way to ensure that your New Orleans, LA business stays safe. If you’d like to know more, Security Integration is here for you. Contact us for more details.