Amenity Center Security Tips

June 7th, 2019

If you run a managed, residential area you already know that this can be a very lucrative, stable investment. Residential real estate is something that everyone needs, and if you have a good location with good amenities, the people will come. 

However, when you have a desirable amenity center, you also have an additional concern; security. An amenity center is a big perk, and can often be the centerpiece of a residential estate, but the very attractiveness of such a facility makes it vulnerable. Without proper protection, crime can infest an amenity center, presenting a risk to both the area and residents. So what can you do? Here are a few security tips. 

Access Control 

If an amenity center, such as a swimming pool, or a recreational building allows anyone inside, then anyone can—and will—go in, including non-residents taking advantage of the facilities. The most effective way to keep these areas free for residents and their guests is to install an access control system. 

This may be a magnetic keycard that is issued to all residents; a unique numeric code shared among residents or some other type of electronic lock/gatekeeping system. Combined with a proper barrier such as a fence, this dramatically reduces the number of unauthorized visitors into an amenity center. 

Surveillance Cameras 

The security camera is still one of the most effective deterrents for preventing intrusion. Security cameras never blink, never take breaks, are always watching, and always remember. For anyone that doesn’t wish to be identified, a security camera is a huge risk. Of course, because a security camera is unbiased, and merely records whatever occurred, security camera footage is also admissible in court as evidence, should charges be filed against someone. 

In other words, for someone looking to commit an easy crime, security cameras drastically increase the difficulty and risk. This encourages people to move on and find an easier target. They can also provide an additional perk in preventing employee misbehavior or even that of other residents. No employee or resident is going to steal someone else’s belongings when the belonging in question is being watched by security cameras. 

Emergency Buttons 

If something does happen, an amenity center should have a way to immediately notify staff, or even a security service, police, or EMS. This is why it’s always a good idea to have a “panic” or emergency button visible and easily accessible somewhere in the amenity center. 

Should a crime take place, residents can quickly press the button for a response from whomever the button is wired to notify. This cuts down on the response time required and can be useful for other incidents besides crime, such as an emergency, that requires EMS attention. 

Safety First 

It’s always a great idea to provide an amenity center for your residents, but you need to take appropriate security measures. This protects your investment as well as your residents, creating a safer environment with even more appeal to others.