The Seven Biggest Benefits For Install Business Security Cameras

August 23rd, 2019

As a business owner you face a lot of security issues. When you install a video surveillance system you protect not just your business assets, but also your employees and customers. 

Many business owners feel that the cost of a video surveillance system is beyond the budget for the size of their business but fail to realize the benefits that are included. No business is immune to theft and liability which is why it is important to develop a security plan to reduce some concerns that occur in small businesses. The following is a list of some benefits that you as a business owner may not have considered. 

1. Monitoring In Real Time

Today’s modern cameras allow remote video monitoring. This is an excellent solution for the business owner that is not always on site. You can also designate certain employees to monitor critical areas of the business. You can also connect all cameras to one network if you have more than one business location. 

2. Visual Evidence

Whenever any suspicious behavior or theft occurs, you will have the video evidence. It will give the police proof of the individuals involved. Since security camera footage is basically inarguable, you’ll be able to help ensure criminals are prosecuted for their crimes.

3. Theft Prevention

Every year the small business owner loses money to theft. Even small thefts can add up to big losses. Security cameras placed in key areas can not only prevent theft from criminals, but also from internal theft. 

4. Improved Productivity

It has been demonstrated that even the presence of security cameras can influence employees to work harder. Cameras can also improve communication between different departments, which also leads to overall increased productivity. Plus, they provide management with insight on how to improve overall operations.

5. Improve Customer Service

Surveillance cameras offer a better shopping experience, improved customer service, and a sense of security for your customers. You can also use your camera to track store traffic patterns and flow for product placement. They’ll also help ensure you have enough employees for those busy times. 

6. Resolve Disputes

Video footage can prove valuable when a dispute arises between employees. Managers can view video footage, as well as, hearing firsthand accounts of the employees to settle the matter fairly. This can reduce the time spent on conflict resolution and free everyone up to do their jobs. 

7. Reduce Liability Claims

Cameras will provide proof that the accident that the customer or employee was involved in is a legitimate claim. It is known that often a customer will claim your business was negligent and caused a fall or injury. Employees have also done so to file for workers compensation. This will reduce both false premises liability and workers compensation claims, saving you thousands.

Choosing Your Security Partner

When you have made the decision to have a video surveillance system installed the next step is to find a reliable company to help you with your surveillance needs. A reliable company can help you with the following:

  • Customizing a security system to meet your requirements and budget
  • Firm understanding of your business and its security weakness.
  • Experienced in integrating new technology with older systems.
  • Considerate of your schedule and needs.
  • Provide prompt and reliable response times.

The experts at Sun Ray Technologies will be happy to work with you within your budgetary needs and will train with you until you feel comfortable with your new surveillance system.