Types Of Business Access Control Systems

March 21st, 2019

Small and large businesses alike must find ways to protect employees, consumers, and assets today. Organizations make various investments to accomplish the tasks. For instance, some places hire armed guards to watch over things and gain peace of mind. Not every establishment, including those here in New Orleans, has the funding to pay for such services though.

After all, such assistance can be quite pricey. Research from PayScale states that the annual salary for these guards can range anywhere between $18,847 and $40,622. Luckily, today's businesses have plenty of other options to choose from such as security cameras and access control systems. They can prove to be budget friendly options that are equally as effective. So, curious New Orleans proprietors and corporations should read further to learn about some of the common types of access control systems.

A Simple Solution

Door access control systems are stand-alone, compact devices that don't break the bank. They are traditionally connected to a central location with a person there being responsible for who gains or is denied access to the building. However, it is possible to eliminate the laborers from the equation. Persons can purchase a higher-quality system that operates off of key cards or badges. People must swipe the items before they will be granted admittance.

For Those Folks Looking For Something A Bit More High Tech

New Orleans companies can select a biometric access control system too. This unit helps secure the property by using fingerprint technology. Plus, it tracks and logs data from each person that comes into the building. In other words, this system is ideal for organizations that want confidentiality and high security. As if these things weren't enough to get persons researching the option, there is still more.

Other software can be integrated seamlessly with the access control system's programming. Why do you need that? Well, it allows the user to retrieve employee data quickly for different tasks such as payroll. Hence, this alternative can save you time by making certain jobs a little easier.

Protection For When Employees Are Gone For The Day

A security access control system is designed to be used when people are not present in the building. Motion sensors and a loud alarm assure that if intruders get inside, they won't go unnoticed for an extended period. Monitored and unmonitored versions are available. With the first choice, the system automatically sends out a signal to a 24-hour emergency service, who, in turn, contact the owner about the issue. Meanwhile, the unmonitored option immediately dials the police when the system is tripped.

If these three don't meet your needs, there is still another common type of access control to consider. Cloud-hosted or managed systems let users control devices via the world wide web. The user can do things like retrieve history and visual verification information remotely. With the few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a finger, the individual can complete the deeds from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Take the time to learn about the systems and have the right one installed to adequately protect your business.