Communicating with Your Surveillance System

April 5th, 2019

Talking CCTV technology is a new and more interactive way to use your surveillance system in New Orleans, LA. This technology first came about in 2003 and was used in the UK, but now it is being used in many more areas as a way to enhance the current surveillance system that is already in use.

An Enhancement to Older Systems

Surveillance systems aren't always enough to deter crime and keep your property safe; some will still take their chances and burglarize even after seeing cameras and posted warnings plastered all over the place. It happened a lot in the past as well when the surveillance system footage was less to be desired. The images were never very clear and always came out grainy. Today's New Orleans surveillance systems, however, are far more advanced.

The footage is crystal clear and because of this can be used in court later on to convict the criminals involved. Some systems even have it set up, so their security footage goes straight to the police department which allows local law enforcement to respond much more quickly than usual as well.

Additionally, with these new surveillance systems, most offer mobile access to the system 24/7, so you can always have access to real-time footage of the property. When you are not at the property, you can simply log in from your mobile device and view your property at any time of the day from anywhere. All of these advancements make surveillance systems much more effective today than in the past.

Talking CCTV is just one more enhancement that improves the current systems. It gives the property owner the chance to speak directly to the intruders - even when they aren't on the property. It has proven to be more of a deterrent and often has the criminals rethinking the crime.

Good or Bad?

When this type of system was first implemented, people were unsure about the technology. Some considered it an additional form of protection while others felt it was more of an intrusion. However, in areas using this technology, it has been found that there have been far fewer reports of vandalism and theft and many property owners have been given a chance to breathe a lot easier knowing that not only can they monitor their property anytime, they can now also speak with the would-be criminals in an attempt to get them to leave the property without incident.

More Protection

With talking CCTV, criminals will know they are being watched without a doubt. Yes, the presence of cameras and posted signs warning of video surveillance can also be used but being able to speak with the criminals is just another layer of protection that property owners feel is necessary to further deter crime and even increase response time. Coupled with the clear images you can also now gain from video footage, you can rest easy knowing that you have done all you can to protect your New Orleans, LA property.