How Communities Can Come Together To Fight Crime

September 6th, 2019

As a homeowner, it is not only important that your home be safe and secure, but your neighborhood can be safe as well. Sadly every neighborhood is susceptible to crime. When you consider that in the United States there is a break in every 11 seconds, when it comes to your neighborhood it is just a matter of time. 

How Neighbors Can Work Together To Fight Crime

There are steps many neighborhoods have put into effect to fight crime. Those include:

1. Neighborhood Watch Group:

Neighborhood watches are volunteers in your community who look for and report suspicious activity to police. These volunteers are trained by the police and can help reduce the opportunities for criminals to act in your neighborhood. The downside of neighborhood watch is that so many people are working it is hard to find watchers during the day and many of their fellow neighbors consider them vigilantes. 

2. Assist With Upkeep

It is well known that burglars and criminals like places where they can hide and wait for the right opportunity or just to hide and not get caught. Studies have shown that neighborhoods that look like they are “deteriorating” or have overgrown landscape, trash, abandoned vehicles have higher crime rates. Talk to your neighbors about cleaning up the neighborhood. Mow that elderly couples lawn and trim those bushes. Keep your neighborhood clean and looking good. 

3. Protect Your Homes

One of the best ways to keep your home safe is to invest in a home security system. Encourage your neighbors to do so as well. Community crime prevention needs to be a team effort and realistically, no neighborhood has eyes 24/7 and this is where security systems not only help the individual homeowner but the community as well. This is when it is beneficial to encourage as many residents as possible to install security cameras.

Fighting Neighborhood Crime With Security Cameras

The rapid changes in technology over the last several years have made video security cameras for the home affordable and the remarkable.  As a result, many homeowners have had them installed and have been helping police solve crimes. 

Some examples include a Corpus Christi Tx man whose security camera caught vandals smashing windshields of cars. His video led the police to make a speedy arrest.  In Philadelphia Pa, detective made a quick arrest in the murder of a female pediatrician by viewing surveillance video that showed the suspect entering the doctors home. 

How Do You Get Started?

Many communities are now setting up camera programs that allows you to register and if a crime occurs near you the police will ask if you are willing to share your video. Some programs include being able to upload the video on your video doorbell to alert other neighbors of the intruder or package thief. 

Protecting your home is the primary goal of Sun Ray Technologies. We can help you and your neighbors increase your safety by providing you a free walk through and discuss your needs and your budget. Your home and neighborhood should be a place to come home to knowing you and your family are safe and protected.