Keeping Safe And Secure During The Cold Weather Months

February 6th, 2019

Keeping Safe And Secure During The Cold Weather Months 

During the winter, your home is your safe place. It’s warm, cozy, and inviting, and saves you from going out and braving the elements outside. However, the only way to truly feel secure in your home during the winter is to give special thought to your home security. With the right precautions put into place, you’ll have peace of mind while you cuddle up indoors with your family and a favorite movie. 

4 Tips For Cold Weather Security 

A few tips can get you put on the right track for the best cold weather security. 4 tips for a secure home this winter are: 

  1. Avoid unknown visitors – When a knock resonates through the home, it can be startling when you’re not expecting anyone. Avoiding unknown visitors can help to keep your family safe, and security cameras of today make it so you can always see who is at your door before ever stepping foot from your warm couch. If you’re not expecting a guest or a delivery, allow your security camera to let you know who is at the door and avoid opening the door to unknown parties. 
  2. Use lighting to your advantage – Light can be an excellent crime deterrent, especially when that light mimics human activity. An outdoor light left on all the time may work to deter unwanted trespassers, but it wastes energy and potential criminals may catch on that it’s simply a light left on all the time. Motion detecting lights are a much better deterrent, and only trigger on when motion is detected by their sensors. 
  3. Leave your travel plans offline – Going away to get away from the bitter cold is a common thing many families do during the winter season. Leaving your travel plans on social media for all to see is an invite for criminals to investigate your empty home, making you more susceptible to break-ins and robberies. Rather than talking about the excitement of a vacation online beforehand, save your trip posts for after you come home. 
  4. Keep backup power on hand – Backup power helps to keep your home running in the event of a power outage. When a person considers power outages, they’re often more like to think about hurricanes and strong summer storms, but New Orleans, LA winter weather can be just as damaging. It only takes 1 good ice storm to take your power for days at a time. Backup power can help you to keep your security cameras running, your pipes unfrozen, and your home toasty warm. 

Safety And Security This Winter Season 

Keeping safe and secure is the key to an enjoyable winter season. With a few tips on hand, you can be well on your way to a comfortable and happy winter for your entire family. When the winter season melts into spring, the security implements you equipped your home with during winter will continue keeping your home safe and secure all year long and for many more years to come.