The Importance Of A Security System For Your Yard

July 25th, 2019

Implementing a front and backyard security system creates a first line of defense against your home. It gives you the ability to identify suspicious behavior and alert you immediately. Expanding your home security to include the perimeter your yard can deter criminals before they ever even get to your house. There are many ways you can protect your yard, here’s how to get started. 

Assessing Your Yard For Threats

The best way to get started with yard security is to investigate the vulnerabilities of your yard. Start by grabbing a notebook and a pen and take a walk around your property. Imagine you are a criminal targeting your house and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How would I enter the yard if I wanted to stay undetected?

  • Are there good places to hide like behind landscaping and outdoor furniture?

  • Is there anywhere I can use the cover of darkness to hide my presence?

  • Is there a lot of foot traffic, vehicle traffic, or neighbors that could see me?

  • How would I get into the house?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to design a security system that will protect you. 

Options To Beef Up Security In Your Yard

There are many ways you can add security to your yard. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Flood Lights: Most criminals lurk in the shadows to avoid being seen. Brightening up the dark areas in your yard with flood lights makes sure they don’t have the cover of darkness. This gives criminals less avenues to approach your house undetected.

  • Motion Sensor Lights: Motion sensor lights are another great option. They are perfect for people who don’t wish to keep their yard bright all night. They will automatically turn on when motion is detected making criminals think you’ve spotted them and turned on the lights. This is a powerful deterrent because this often makes them flee the scene immediately. 

  • Doorbell Cameras: Doorbell cameras are really a necessity nowadays with the wave of package theft. Doorbell cameras don’t just record who is at your front door, but they can alert you when someone is walking up to your house. Depending on which model you choose, some doorbell cameras have a large enough range to watch your entire front yard.  

  • Outdoor Surveillance Cameras: If your property is larger or in a high risk area, you may want to consider installing outdoor surveillance cameras. Outdoor surveillance cameras are different than standard cameras. They are impervious to extreme weather, have night vision features, and can help you monitor even an acreage. 

  • Yard Signs: Yard signs let criminals know that you have a security system. Placing these strategically around your yard at key entry points can be a powerful deterrent. The last thing criminals want is to set up a security system and get arrested by the police.

These are just some of the options available to protect your yard. It’s a great idea to contact a professional security expert to go over all of them.

Why You Should Work With A Professional

Professional security experts cannot only help you identify and mitigate the risks in your yard, but can help integrate yard security into an existing system. At Sun Ray Technologies, we offer all the best name brand equipment for an affordable price. We will custom-design a system specific to your home’s needs that will keep the criminals away.