Understanding Alarm Systems and How They Operate

August 16th, 2019

One of the best ways to ensure that your home is secure and protected is by purchasing an alarm system. It gives you the peace of mind you need while you are home and while you are away. You can also customize your alarm system to make sure it fits the unique needs of your family and your home. 

Let's take a closer look at understanding alarm systems for the home and how they operate.

What Is the Purpose of the Alarm System?

Homeowners install alarm systems in their homes for a variety of different reasons related to home security. When the alarm is activated, the system will let out a loud alarm or silent signal that will notify you and the authorities if something happens at the home. 

How Do They Work?

Every alarm system is comprised of several different parts, and all these different parts and components work together to serve the purpose of protecting and securing your home. The keypad, for example, is used to control everything and then there are smaller, less noticeable parts that make sure that everything runs smoothly and as it should.

Door and window sensors. These can be hardwired or wireless and are often small and very inconspicuous. They are one of the more integral parts of your overall alarm system. If any of your doors or windows that have these sensors is opened, then it triggers an alarm while also alerting you and the security company of the potential threat.

Sirens. These can help deter burglars and keep your home and family safe. The sirens will let out an audible sound when triggered, and this will let the burglars know that they have been caught.

Alarm screens. If you want to have your windows open but still want to have that level of protection in place, then alarm screens are a must-have. They are custom designed and fit any kind of window or door. They are interwoven with both sensors and alarm wires, so if tampered with, an alarm is triggered.

Motion detectors. This is another important aspect of your home security system and is designed to help eliminate false alarms as well because of the PIR technology, quad-zone logic, and anti-crosstalk system. 

Glass breakage detectors. If the glass of your window is broken, it triggers these sensors and warns you that someone broke your glass in an attempt to gain access to the home. It is very similar to how motion detectors and your door and window sensors work. 

Choosing Your Alarm System

So, when choosing your alarm system, you want to consider what areas of the home you want to protect and monitor. All of these features will work well for any size home and will offer you a good amount of protection in the case of intruders.

Having security cameras installed outside of the home also acts as a good deterrent as well. What criminal wants to be caught on camera trying to break into someone's home? When they see you have a security system installed, they are more likely to move on. 

For more information on how an alarm system works and can help protect your home, contact Sun Ray Technologies today.