What To Know Before Buying A Nanny Camera

August 30th, 2019

As a busy working parent you may have decided to hire a caregiver for your children or your elderly parents. It is difficult to trust a complete stranger with your loved ones. As a result, more and more parents and adult caregivers are buying nanny cams to help monitor and protect their loved ones.

Are Nanny Cams Legal?

There are so many reasons to utilize a nanny cam, but you may be wondering if they are legal. You are allowed to install a nanny cam, hidden or in the open in your home. You cannot, however, locate the camera in private areas such as the nanny’s bedroom or the bathroom.

When it comes to audio recordings you need to check with your state regulations as they differ from state to state. 

Five Considerations When Buying A Nanny Cam

Before purchasing your nanny cam, here are some considerations that will help you with the buying process:

  1. Compatibility: Make sure that your nanny cams are compatible with your smartphone. This way with a simple click you can live stream the nanny/caregiver, child or parent from your work or any other location with your phone.
  2. View Angle: If the space you wish to monitor is fairly large you can choose a wide-angle camera so you can see all angles and make sure the camera is equipped with a pan-tilt function.
  3. Power Source: There are two types of power supplies for nanny cams. The first uses a rechargeable battery pack and the second is AC powered and is plugged into an outlet. Your decision is determined if there is an outlet near where you wish to place the camera. Should you choose to go with a battery pack it is a good idea to get an extra battery pack.  
  4. Motion Activated: You really do not have the time to watch your smartphone all day to see what your nanny/caregiver is doing. Motion activated alerts sends you alerts when motion occurs in the viewing range.
  5. High Definition: High definition (HD) is a video format with a high pixel rate. This will give you more details and clearer video. It will however, require more storage and is more expensive. Think about the storage, requirements and individual needs that will fit into your budget.

Inform The Caregiver Of The Presence Of Cameras

While it may be an uncomfortable conversation, once you have installed the nanny cam it is always a good idea to let the nanny/caregiver know upfront they are installed. Let them know you check in on live stream regularly. Explain that it is not a matter of trust, but making sure all goes smoothly in the home. Keep in mind that in some states it is required. 

If you still have questions as to what type of nanny cam you need or where the best location to mount them would be, the experts at Sun Ray Technologies can help. We’ll provide a free consultation to help understand your concerns. Then we will design and install a nanny camera system that will keep your loved ones safe from harm. Call us today to learn more.