Improving Security On College Campuses

April 19th, 2019

When students feel unsafe in New Orleans, LA area college campuses, they’re not likely to stay studying at a particular school. When students leave a school, admissions begin to falter, leaving both the schools and the students in undesirable positions. A lax approach to security on college campuses leaves students feeling unprotected and uncared for, as it also negatively affects the school’s public rankings.

Today’s modern technological age has provided plenty of options for New Orleans, LA college campus security. These emerging options can help school leaders and administrators to cut down on incidents, and provide evidence should any crime occur so perpetrators can be swiftly caught.

The Major Theft Problem On Area College Campuses

Not just limited to New Orleans, LA or the surrounding region, theft is a major problem on many college campuses all throughout the United States. Over half of all on-campus crimes can be linked to burglary, and only 35% of these cases are able to be solved by local law enforcement. With the communal living spaces colleges provide, the volume of people going in and out of particular buildings can make theft look attractive to some individuals, as they know it’s unlikely they’ll be caught amongst all the individuals who entered or exited a building in a particular day. Students who live in dormitories who forget to lock and secure their property could find themselves in a theft situation within seconds.

It’s not just dorm rooms that fall victim to theft, and classrooms and laboratories are just as susceptible. Hundreds of thousands of individuals may go into or out of a particular classroom or lab in a particular day, and some of these individuals may recognize the value of some of the items held within a space. With digital platforms that are nearly untraceable, they’re able to steal these items and quickly flip them for a cash value while leaving little to no trail at all.

Deterring Theft On Today’s College Campuses

Deterring theft on today’s college campuses is a major concern, as this is the single most common criminal act most colleges are struggling to contain. Some ideas for theft deterrence on campus include:

  • App-driven access control – Doling out keycards to particular buildings, dormitories, or labs at colleges that may house thousands of students that require access is a near impossible task. Managing so many keycards to a particular location is difficult, and there is a strong chance cards may be stolen, lost, or borrowed leading to potential security breaches. App-driven access control, however, puts a keycard on the smartphones of every student, thereby effectively using a device they will have on their person already.
  • Surveillance with video analytics – Surveillance cameras with video analytics not only catch criminals in the act, but they also are very effective crime deterrents. Making it known that a particular area is being surveilled by analytics powered security cameras will cause criminals to think twice before carrying out any acts in a particular space as they know they’re more likely to be caught.