3 Ideas For Placing Hidden Cameras

August 9th, 2019

Most security cameras are set in high places and visible for a reason.  Visible cameras can work as a deterrent and make potential burglars, thieves, and robbers think again before they commit a crime.  However, for some homes and businesses it helps to have a hidden camera or two around.

A hidden camera is much harder for an intruder to spot, and while many professional burglars know how to disable or avoid visible cameras they can’t do the same to hidden cameras if they don’t know they’re around.  As for businesses, employees can learn where the visible cameras are and what they can see, and they sometimes take advantage of this to steal from their employer using the blind spots in the camera coverage.  A hidden camera that sees the blind spot can help you spot a dishonest employee.

Still, you need to be careful when you decide to install a hidden camera.  In the first place, state and local laws are often very strict about where you can put them and whether they can record sound.  Second, a hidden camera needs to blend into its surroundings or hide behind something else.  That means finding a good hiding spot and choosing a model with a case that looks like it belongs there.  Fortunately, you have all kinds of options depending on where the camera needs to go.

  1. Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a good place for a hidden camera since each shelf is full of variety and it’s easy to hide a camera underneath all the clutter.  Bookshelves also let you place the camera high up where it can see more of the room around it.  A store shelf can also work if you hide the camera on the underside of the shelf behind a price tag.

  1. Plants

Whether in a home or an office, and whether it’s a fabric fake or the real deal, a potted plant can make a room come to life.  The many leaves and dark soil can also be very effective at hiding a camera from view.  It may have trouble seeing past the leaves, especially if the plant grows around it, but a plant is a good way to hide a camera from view.

  1. Plush Toys

Many plush toys like teddy bears and dolls are coming out with hidden cameras already installed.  These toys can be very effective at keeping a close eye on your baby, plus you can see how your babysitter or other caregiver is treating your little one.  Some parents save money by creating their own hidden-camera plush toy, and it’s easy enough to do as long as you have a sewing kit and the right kind of camera.

You should be careful about where and when you install hidden cameras, but if you put one or two in the perfect spots you can see a lot that your obvious security cameras would miss.  At Sun Ray Technologies, we offer both obvious and hidden cameras for our clients to choose from.  Contact us today and let us recommend a security setup that’s unique to you.