How Can I Use Camera Systems To Secure Large Areas?

February 27th, 2019

Cameras systems can be used to secure all types of areas, from a small office to a large community park. However, not all security cameras are created equal; the camera that is used to monitor a small-town bank lobby in New Orleans,LA is not the same camera that will be used to monitor the floor of a large mall. Camera systems are great for securing large areas, but you must choose the right camera with the right specifications. 

What To Look For In Wide Coverage Options 

Modern technology has provided a number of wide coverage security options for those looking to secure larger areas. Some of these coverage options and specifications include: 

  • Megapixel imaging – Those looking for security in New Orleans, LA have an ideal picture of what they’re looking for in terms of covering wide areas, and this is a combination of wide and telephoto imaging at the exact same time. The advent of megapixel imaging has provided this option, and it has become one of the number one choices in wide coverage security. 

These types of cameras are much like digital still photography cameras, and they take very high-resolution photographs containing multiple millions of pixels. However, these types of cameras take multiple images per second, giving them a video-like function. Due to the high resolution, any still may be taken from the footage and zoomed in while still providing crystal clear images. 

  • PTZ Cameras – PTZ cameras are another popular choice in New Orleans, LA for those looking to cover wide areas. PTZ stands for pan/tilt/zoom, and this is just what these types of cameras do when they detect motion. The PTZ camera can be operated manually in a secure location on the property, or they can be programmed to move on their own panning across their viewing areas. 
  • Conventional fixed cameras – In some areas, a conventional fixed camera can cover wide spaces sufficiently with the proper fixed installation. While these cameras might not have the same zoom capabilities of a megapixel imaging camera, or the mobility of a PTZ camera, they can capture wide regions in back alleys, parking lots, and building interiors when placed in strategic areas. Additionally, multiple cameras may be used to surveil the entirety of a wide-open space, such is the case often seen in large city parks. 

Why Secure Large Areas? 

For some buildings and areas, leaving blind spots can leave spaces where mischief can thrive. For instance, a city park with known areas where cameras cannot see will be more likely to face instances of vandalism since there is no deterrent for criminal behavior present. Using modern technologies for security cameras today, any area can be under sufficient and helpful surveillance, providing just the type of peace of mind business owners and the public need to feel safe. To learn more about the various options we have today regarding large area video surveillance, and what wide area surveillance can do for you, contact us  today.