Six Major Benefits For Installing Outdoor Security Cameras

May 31st, 2019

When designing you New Orleans home security system, you will find there are a lot of features you can choose. One of the best features to help protect your home and family is outdoor security cameras. Outdoor surveillance cameras are different than indoor surveillance cameras because they are designed to be impervious to weather and external tampering. Nowadays they offer a variety of technologically-advanced features such as high definition recording, remote monitoring, and night vision. Here are six major benefits of installing outdoor security cameras at your home:

Outdoor Security Cameras Deter Criminals

The sheer presence of security cameras is often enough to get criminals to move on from your property. Criminals know that if you have security cameras, they can be recorded and identified by the police. They also now that if you have security cameras, you are likely to have other features like alarms and entry security.

Outdoor Security Cameras Can Help Police Identify Criminals

If a criminal is bold enough to still commit a crime with the presence of security cameras, the footage will be very valuable to police. Outdoor security cameras can zoom in on thieves and find identifying markers that can help New Orleans police catch them. If police can identify and catch the thief, you are much more likely to get your possessions back after a robbery. 

Outdoor Security Cameras Allow You To Identify Visitors

Every year when the weather turns nice, the average New Orleans home will be plagued by door-to-door salesmen. Many of these salesmen are offering legitimate services, however, plenty are scammers. With outdoor security cameras, you can avoid them completely by checking to see who is at your door before answering.

Outdoor Security Cameras Help Prevent Package Theft

Package theft has become rampant in the last few years. Thieves will drive around a neighborhood and snatch packages left by delivery drivers. Outdoor cameras will not only help deter these thieves, if your package is still stolen, it will help police identify the culprit.

Outdoor Security Cameras Allow You To Monitor Your Children And Pets

If you have young children or pets that play in your backyard, outdoor security cameras can help you monitor their safety. You can stay indoors and do chores while easily monitoring their playtime. This will help prevent children from injuring themselves or worse, being harmed or kidnapped. It can also protect your pets as well. Cameras are especially important if you have a backyard swimming pool.

Outdoor Security Cameras Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies know that outdoor security cameras can help reduce the costs of everything from theft to premises liability. Their savings are your savings because many companies will pass these savings onto you. Before installing your outdoor security cameras, talk to your home insurance agent to see what systems and design will lead to the most savings on your home insurance premiums.

These are just some of the benefits you and your family will experience with outdoor security cameras. With new technologies, outdoor security cameras are better and more affordable than ever. Talk to a security expert to learn about what system is right to protect your home.