Some Key Differences Between Commercial And Home Security Cameras

June 28th, 2019

There are many, many security cameras on the market today. In fact, there are so many that the purchasing process can become quite stressful and overwhelming. However, it doesn't have to be. Instead, before running right out and buying the first device that you see, take the time to research the differences between home and commercial cams to ensure that you get the right one to handle the appropriate job. 

Firstly, What Can Surveillance Equipment Do For You?

In a home setting, New Orleans residents can use the cameras to deter burglars or catch thieves on video when a break-in occurs. Also, if the homeowners happen to be parents, the devices can be beneficial for helping the guardians keep an eye on their kiddos while they are out on a date night or traveling for work. Most modern cams are even compatible with smartphones and tablets. In other words, parents can receive alerts when a door or window opens at an odd hour.

Meanwhile, New Orleans businesses can also find the cameras useful for deterring burglars. After all, the criminals don't want their faces or other distinguishing marks captured on video as this action would likely land them in jail. The footage can also help monitor workers and nip employee thefts in the bud. Not to mention, the devices can catch shoplifters in the act. So, curious persons should stay put and read further to discover some differences between home and commercial security cameras. 

This And That About Home Security Cameras

Not all home security cams are created equal. Some have more bells and whistles while others simply do the bare minimum. If a New Orleans homeowner is thinking about investing in the equipment, several things they may want to look for include...

  • Resolution And Field Of View

  • How Easy Is It To Install And Use The Device?

  • Does The Unit Store Videos On A Micro SD Card Or The Cloud?

  • Sound – Some People Like To Hear Or Talk To Strangers Coming To Their Front Door

  • Dimly Lit Locations Require Cameras With Stellar Night Vision Capabilities

Useful Tidbits About Commercial Surveillance Equipment

Many of the same things from the list above can be applied to commercial cameras as well. However, there are some different aspects that buyers need to consider too. For example, sometimes, a license is needed when an alarm is present along with the cameras. So, if a person is planning on having emergency responses or remote monitoring, they will want to research this issue thoroughly. Should the loud alarm system go off, they may find themselves in hot water with local authorities and be required to pay steep fines. 

IP/Megapixel cameras are top of the line products worthy of consideration by every business. They have a number of different features and are perfect for monitoring wide open spaces such as parking garages, loading docks, and warehouses. Lastly, but certainly not least, it is a good idea to pick out devices that are vandal proof like dome cameras. It is not uncommon for criminals to attempt to destroy the units. Thanks to the shape of a dome cameras, it is hard for them to achieve the feat. 

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