Getting Good Perimeter Security

February 11th, 2019

No one who lives in New Orleans, LA wants to have their home or business broken into by thieves, to have belongings or even business equipment stolen. That kind of experience leaves you with financial loss and a sense of personal violation. And yet, at the same time, despite theft being a nightmare for many, security to prevent theft is not always a consideration many people take.

However, if you’re someone that takes peace of mind seriously, and wants your home or business in New Orleans, LA to be safe from breaking, entering and theft, one thing to think about is perimeter security. As the name implies, perimeter security is all about trying to prevent thieves from even getting near your valuables. A safe in a home may be the only defense against thieves for less secure properties, but with good perimeter security, it’s just the last line of defense, not the only one. There are only two types of perimeter security that property owners need to worry about.

Outer Perimeter Security

Depending on the size of your property, and its proximity to other structures, outer perimeter security can take many forms. Some homes and businesses, for example, may have a fence that acts as an active barrier to prevent anyone from easily entering the property. Gates to control entry and exit can also be important, and this can be as elaborate as a security checkpoint, with a guard checking ID, or just a tall gate, with a lock, to prevent anyone from seeing in, or easily entering a property.

Outer perimeter can also consist of other preventive measures. Guard dogs, for example, are a great outer perimeter feature, and one of the most effective non-electronic means of property protection. Other measures that should be considered are the placement of security cameras, as well as lighting systems for the night. Thieves prefer to work in the dark or shadows to avoid being seen or identified. Anything that makes it easier for suspicious activity to be seen by you or neighbors acts as an effective deterrent.

Inner Perimeter Security

It’s not wise to assume that just because outer perimeter security has been established, you can now rest easy. Just because you have a well-lit area, with a security camera in place, it doesn’t mean you can feel confident leaving doors or windows unlocked.

Always make sure that points of entry are secure. Consider having deadbolt lock systems in place when you’re actually on the property. If your property has a security system installed, make sure that a sign is visible warning visitors that security mechanisms are in place for further deterrence. Another added feature may be even more security cameras at entryways, to identify visitors before admitting them, or even just to check to see if deliveries have been made.

With proper outer and inner perimeter security, your property in New Orleans, LA will be much more challenging to invade, and thus discourage thieves from attempting to do so. Theft is always about taking the easy way out. If someone else is easier to break into than you are, that will always be the preferred choice to thieves.